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The world famous, often imitated but never duplicated, Bikram Hot Yoga 30 Day Challenge is back! If you're looking to jump start your practice, or just give it a kick in the ass then this is for you! The goal is to complete 30 classes in 30 days, preferably 1 class per day. If a day/class is missd it is possible to do 2 classes in one day later to make it up but this should not be the intention. In truth the 30 classes are not as relevant as settng the intention that you'll get your self on to your mat as often as possible - that you'll eliminate all of the easy excuses! 

At the end of the 30 days you'll feel like you've experience the truth about your self on many levels. You'll have charged your blood with positive ions. And you'll feel empowered (maybe even surprised) by your true stregth! As Bikram says: "The largest problem in Human life is lack of self realization, because of lack of self realization you will always underestimate yourself."

This challenge is all about Keepin' It Real! Now a days there are more yoga options than muscles in the body and although this is great for the over all exposure of Yoga and the healthy life style it promises, the tradition of Hatha (physical) Yoga - it's discipline, concentration, and asana (postural) form - is being lost and severely perversed. We hope by the end of the challenge you will feel like it is easy to cut through any of the BS that's out there. 

Additional to the classes this challenge will include: a voucher for 25% off of Bikram's yellow book; free access to a special  Question and Answer class led by Josh & Jenna April 17th; and admitance to our special ofsite event - the Yoga Cafe - at Dose Coffee shop May 1st. In the Yoga Cafe we'll have an open discussion on Yoga and Yoga tradition along with some awesome snacks and drinks (probably also some bad dancing)! Oh and did we mention you'll get a limited edition Yoga tank top! Booya!

Cost is $40 plus an unlimited yoga pass.

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