Join us Sunday March 15th 12-1:30pm for an in depth discussion of Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow Pulling Pose. Adam will use his knowledge from working directly with Bikram at Teacher Trainings to help you learn the basic principles and subtleties of the first 2 postures in the Balancing Series, setting you up for success in the rest of the practice. Get ready to learn lots of tips and tricks, common misalignments, and see demonstrations and postural corrections. You can ask questions, too!

Cost: $10 ($5 for Annual and Autopay members)
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Eat like a Yogi 2015

Wed Feb 18th 7:30-9:00pm - Join Josh for a discussion on how to Eat Like a Yogi to improve your yoga practice and general quality of life. Topics include: What to eat, what to avoid, karmic / energetic eating, counting nutrients not calories, super-foods. Recipes and delicious samples included!  

Cost $10 (Free for Jan & Feb Buddy Challengers). Sign up online under the "Workshops" tab or at the studio. Space is limited!