There is a special class at our studio for Newbies! Now, we're bringing you a class that's for CREW MEMBERS only. Say hello to our new class, Badass BYRD! This is the perfect class for our CREW MEMBERS who have been practicing for a while, and want to take their yoga practice up a notch. 

Wanna learn to yogi like a boss?

This is OUR chance to spend some extra time and love on YOU, our beloved Crew! The purpose of this class is to spend more time practicing and refining your postures, techniques & inner discipline. 

We're bringing the discipline back! Sundays at noon is your chance to experience the world's most therapeutic yoga class the way it was meant to be-hot, hard, and worth it! Discipline is one of yoga's most under-rated benefits! It's easy to forget that yoga asanas were developed to prepare the mind and body for meditation (or discipline of the mind). While that might not be YOUR primary reason for practicing yoga, honing this aspect of your mind and practice will only serve to benefit you, your postures, and how you feel during and after class! Like all benefits of yoga, what happens inside the room, you also carry with you outside the room. 

We're not turning up the heat, but the fans won't be on, either. If you're doing a posture wrong, we'll tell you how to correct it so YOU get the most benefit from YOUR hard work. We will be all over etiquette, and how to practice so you and your fellow yogis get the most from your class. While yoga is an individual journey, how we behanve and react in the room effects everyone. You will learn how to practice together--how to yogi like a boss! Once you've conquered your monkey mind, you don't have to chase the world, the world will chase you!

This class is open to CREW MEMBERS only! Latecomers will not be admitted and class starts on time. Please come well-hydrated and be prepared to work hard! (Because we love you!)

*Admission to Badass BYRD is included with your Crew Membership, no extra charges apply.

2016 is the year YOU are going to fall in love with your Self!

To help get you started, we're offering FREE admission to our Bikram Basics orientation all month long!

Excuses are so 2015. 


Take the first step and register online here.

Step two is the hardest--I'm not kidding--come to the studio. Once you're here, our wonderful staff will make sure you have everything you need for class. 

Easy. Done. Come back again tomorrow and you're on your way.

"You need to take care of yourself first. If you don't care for yourself, you can't take care of someone else." -Kathleen O'Brien