BYRD's website seems to have a weird glitch, well, a pickle that is. But we have a solution and we need your help! A big part of the problem is that this Pickle is a bit too slippery for us to get a handle on so if you help us catch the pickle by finding and clicking on it on our webpage - www.bikramyogareddeer.com - you may win an awesome prize!

Each week will have a different grand prize in addition to some Bikram Swag!

Prizes examples include: 1000 perkville points, BYRD shirts, Namaka (hydroflask) bottles, Newbie Gift Cards and more!

Holy Vinegar Batman!



60for60-8.5x11-print copyValid for Newbies only. The 60 day pass will start from the date of your 1st class (not the date of purchase).