We're trying some thing NEW!

No, we're not taking away Karma Classes. *phew*

We ARE switching it up so charities now get more benefits--and more classes--to raise funds and awareness for their cause!


If you're part of a charity or know someone who is, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.about how your non-profit can get in on the hottest yoga in town. Karma Classes help us and the community out by spreading the word about yoga, your cause, and making yoga accessible for people who need it. If you love the idea of Karma Class but can't fit it in your schedule, ask us about our Karma Program next time you're at the studio! 

This change in policy means there will be a limited number of spots available per year. Charities are free to apply for the Karma Program more than once but will only receive the donations from one month of classes per calendar year.