Turn humpday into juice day! Starting June 2014, BYRD will be offering freshly made juice after classes on Wednesdays for the summer months! Our juices are organic, superfood rich, nutrient dense and made with love! Try one after any of our Wednesday classes for $7.

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Canada Day schedCanadian Yogis rock! Join us for a special Silent Yoga class this Canada Day at 9:30am - No other classes that day!

Silent classes are lead by teachers and regular students, practicing in the front of the room, eveyone else follows along. Absolutly NO talking is permitted. These classes can be super fun and incredibly powerful. Preregister online to reserve your spot. Entery as with regular classes, no additional fees.

Attention Yogis: Our Summer Hot Yoga Schedule is in effect May Long to Labour Day Long Weekend! Tues/Thurs no 3:30pm, Sat/Sun no 4:00pm until September.


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Bikram Hot Yoga is for everyone -- bring your kids! Yoga helps kids to reduce stress, sleep better, increase strength and flexibility, and develop confidence and self-expression. Practicing yoga also helps kids to improve digestion, balance, concentration, and gross and fine motor skills. Yoga is fun!

Because our room is heated, we encourage younger kids (age 5-12) to practice only the floor series, which is the last 40-45 minutes of the class. Kids develop sweat glands during puberty, which are necessary for the body to stay cool in the hot room. Most older kids and teens (age 13-18) should be able to practice the full class, especially if they are active and participate in other sports.

Kids are welcome to practice at our yoga school with a parent or guardian who has Bikram Yoga experience. It's important that the parent/guardian is able to model relaxation and proper breathing to their child during class. If you have any questions, please contact us.