There's already a chill in the air! With the return of Fall weather comes the return of our regular schedule and more times to GET HOT!

Bikram Yoga Red Deer is pumped to introduce to you Perkville - our loyalty rewards program!

BYRD Crew members get full FREE access to this program where they can earn points for their participation in the studio, and can later redeem those points for different vouchers for awesome stuff. 

How to:

1. Sign up for Perkville. You will be sent an email from Perkville once you've made points prompting you to claim your points by signing up. If you didn't receive or missed this email you can request another invite here, or simply go to and walk through the join yourself from the log in button in the top right corner of the page. 

2. Once signed up you will earn points automatically for taking class (5 points) and pre-registering for class (5 points). 6 am classes earn extra points (10 points). You will also receive points for:

  • Your Birthday (200 points)
  • Facebook posts (10 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Twitter follow (5 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Tweet sent (5 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Referring a Friend (100 points) - Keep in mind that by referring a friend they will also receive special offer discounting the BYRD Newbie Intro pass!

3. To redeem your points you must create a voucher in the Perkville website or through the BYRD Mobile App. Please bring your voucher to the desk in the studio to receive your hard earned swag!

You can create vouchers for:

  • Free Coconut Water (200 points)
  • Free Buddy Pass (200 Points)
  • Free Class (500 Points)
  • 15% Off Retail (750 points) - 1 Total Bill
  • 20% Off Retail (1000 points) - 1 Total Bill
  • Free Yoga Challenge (1500 points) - Does not include Yoga pass
  • Free Private Class (2000 points) - 1 on 1 private, 90 minutes

Special Notes: The easiest way to get points for pre-registration, to refer friends, and to redeem points is via the BYRD Mobile App

Check out these helpful videos and never be scared to ask us for help in studio or give us a shout


Download the BYRD App or check our online schedule to stay up to date with our Holiday Class Times Dec 22 - Jan 1. Stay HOT this holiday season!

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Hot Yoga Newbie?

Hot Yoga Scaredy-cat?

Not sure if you can handle the heat?

Not sure if Hot Yoga is for you?

I’m so glad you’re reading this! Be sure to read all the way down.

(Hate reading? check out this video then scroll to the bottom)


Traditional Yoga - like Bikram Hot Yoga – reveals to us our human condition. Like most truths this can be bitter. That being said, the best thing about the truth is that it gives us a starting point! As Bikram says:

It's never too late, it's never too bad, and you're never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again.

It’s true, as a newbie, Bikram Hot Yoga can be challenging. You will feel, a lot, during your first classes (actually all your classes), and of course as a newbie you won’t know what to do, how to do it, the yoga etiquette, anything. Still none of this is a good enough reason not to do Bikram Hot Yoga. Any excuse you may come up with may also be the #1 reason you NEED to be doing this Yoga!

The list of benefits that come from regularly practicing Bikram Hot Yoga are sometimes hard to believe because there are so many! But here are a few general, guaranteed ones

  •       Improved Flexibility
  •       Weight Optimization (different than weight loss)
  •       Increased Strength
  •       Relief of chronic physical stress & pain
  •       Better mental clarity & focus
  •       Give you the grand studio tour
  •       Explain the basics of yoga therapy
  •       Talk about the best ways to prepare for a Bikram Hot Yoga class
  •       Cover the best strategy to get the most out of your first times in the Hot room
  •       Trouble shoot the most common postural issues for newbies
  •       Answer any question you may have
  •       Set you up for continued success

As a long time Yoga teacher I always strive to help my new students to get through their first trials because I know without a doubt that EVERYBODY (YOU!) can tremendously benefit from a Bikram Hot Yoga practice. A huge tool for both you the newbie and me the teacher is Bikram Yoga Red Deer’s

Bikram Basics Sessions

The Bikram Basics session is specially designed for Hot Yoga newbies as a boon to help set you on your way to success as a regular Hot Yoga practitioner. It has been launched specifically for those of us (like I once was) who are nervous, even scared, of getting in the Hot Yoga room. I know, and have felt, the benefits, and I want you to as well.

Bikram Basics run every Saturday at 12pm for 90 minutes. (May-August: Basics runs every OTHER Saturday.) Only Hot Yoga newbies are allowed access – experienced practitioners will not be allowed admittance.

During a Bikram Basics session we:

  •       Give you the grand studio tour
  •       Explain the basics of yoga therapy
  •       Talk about the best ways to prepare for a Bikram Hot Yoga class
  •       Cover the best strategy to get the most out of your first times in the Hot room
  •       Trouble shoot the most common postural issues for newbies
  •       Answer any question you may have
  •       Set you up for continued success

In other words if want to be healthier, happier, and more peaceful but you’re too nervous or don’t know where or how to start - Bikram Basics is for you!

How much does it cost? It’s FREE!

The teachers at Bikram Yoga Red Deer and I are so committed to your success we’ll even offer this you this session at no cost to you! BUT as we’re willing to commit to your success we want you to do the same. SO to get your 100% free access to the Bikram Basics sessions you’ll need to purchase the Bikram Yoga Red Deer Newbie Introductory Special pass – currently only $39 for 1 whole month of unlimited Hot Yoga!

How to start:

  1.      Fill out our Newbie Registration. Click Here.
  2.      Purchase your 1 month unlimited Hot Yoga pass. Click Here.
  3.      Sign up for your first Bikram Basics session. Click Here.
  4.      Show up!

BikramBasics8.5x11-v3 copy

If you follow my instruction and do my yoga postures Sequence to the best of your ability, you will live a better, healthier and more peaceful life. - Bikram


Do you know a Yoga Virgin, Fraidy Cat, or a Nervous Nelly? Bring 'em on down to our brand new Bikram Basics session Saturdays 12:00-1:30pm starting in September!

We'll spend 30 minutes outside the hot room going over everything Newbies need to to know about the studio and the Bikram Hot Yoga practice at a slower pace than usual. Then we'll spend 60 minutes in the hot room to try some postures at a LOWER INTENSITY. We'll really slow things down and break down the basics step-by-step so Newbies who may need a little bit of extra attention are set up for success in the regular Bikram Yoga classes. We end with refreshments and the opportunity to ask questions and swap war stories with fellow Newbies.

Bikram Basics is for NEWBIES and INTRO STUDENTS only! Fill out the New Student Registration and Sign up for Bikram Basics NOW!

Investment: Introductory Special pass (currently 1 Month Unlimited for $39)
 Students are welcome to attend as many of the Bikram Basics sessions as they like, as long as they are on the Intro Special.

*Bikram Basics will run every OTHER Saturday May-August

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