Never back away from a Challenge! Never run away from pain. A life without pain is a life without challenge. And a life without challenge is a life without growth. And where there is no growth there is stale, stagnant energy. That is where most people live. Most people live trying to shred a path without challenge. The moment they recognize challenge or pain they go the other way. They live in a lie that is shrouded in comfort. 

Embrace the pain associated with challenge and growth. 
If you can get through to the other side, I guarantee there’s a reward. Pain is NOT permanent.
When in doubt ask yourself: Are you going through it, or are you GROWING through it? Are you bigger and better because of it?

Josh Asana

check out this video of our pal joseph for a visual inspiration


Check out this collaboration between Jackie, Josh, and International level yoga competitor, Eddie Solidon and get your bow face on! Standing Bow increases circulation to the heart and lungs, improves the elasticity of the spine and helps lower-back pain. It's also the only posture that moves the blood from the right side of the body to the left side and then back again. Energetically, it helps us work through issues like abandonment and betrayal.