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BYRD is 5

Help us celebrate our BIG NEWS and BYRD's 5th Birthday Thurs Dec 10th 5:30-8:30pm! Say goodbye to Jenna and Josh and welcome Breanna and Jackie as the new owners! Get to know your fellow yogis and enjoy the wonderful community we've all built over music, drinks and snacks!


Announcement from Jenna and Josh:

We yogis believe that the only constant is change. The river stays clean by flowing! So it is with great excitement that we would like to announce a shift that has taken place at our (and your) yoga school. Five years ago, we abandoned our plans to travel the world in favour of moving to Red Deer to raise our family and open Bikram Yoga. We set out to create a strong community in which people could create transformation within themselves. With a sense of having accomplished that goal, and the need to focus on our own yoga healing, the time has come for us to embark on a new journey. Our yoga school and students have become well known locally and internationally for their strength, dedication, and positive community. We have painstakingly vetted many individuals interested in taking on the studio and feel we have found the perfect fit. You may even know them – Jackie Kurylo and Breanna McCubbin! We couldn’t be happier that two of our most talented teachers will be the new owners of the studio. We are confident that they will continue to provide strong leadership to the incredible community that you all make up.

Over the next month, you will continue to see our smiling happy faces around the studio as we ensure a smooth transition to the new owners. Please welcome Jackie and Breanna with the same enthusiasm and love that you have shown us. Continue your Yoga practice with consistency, frequency, and intensity, and help maintain the incredibly welcoming space that is Bikram Yoga Red Deer. The continued love and support that we have experienced over the past 5 years from all of you has at times left us awestruck, and has strengthened our faith in the tremendous power of this Yoga. We are endlessly grateful for all that you have shared with us and taught us. This connection will continue to inspire us in our future endeavours as we continue to spread the yoga love.

Our future plans (after baby arrives, of course) are to travel the world with our family in our overland vehicle, teaching and consulting at yoga studios as we go. This is by no means goodbye, but more of a “see ya later.” We would love for you to follow our future adventures online @nomadyogafamily and at www.nomadyogafamily.com.

As always, if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions, we are always here to help and to listen, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you and Namaste,

Josh and Jenna


To our BYRD Community,

It is with much love and enthusiasm we (Breanna and Jackie) have decided to take over operations at your yoga school. Our yoga practices has affected both our lives in such completely different ways, only serving to deepen our desire to keep sharing this yoga.

We all show up for different reasons, but we think we end up staying for the same one, because this yoga community is special. Being a part of this studio uplifts us every time we are there, (no matter what happened before we arrived). We have experienced other yoga communities, but nowhere made us transform or feel so at home more than the Bikram Yoga Red Deer studio. In an effort to keep that spirit alive and grow this community, and ourselves, we are looking forward to providing you with a safe, hot, and welcoming place to practice your yoga. This therapeutic yoga series has affected the lives of millions, and we believe it should be offered and taught the best way we know possible-the right way and the hard way.

We are grateful for everything Josh and Jenna have built, overwhelmed by their strength and inspired by their mentorship. We wish them well in their lifelong yoga journey and will always welcome them back with open arms! We want to keep up their tradition of teaching dedicated and disciplined students, empowering them with the tools to change themselves and lead happier lives.

At the very center of it all is you, our members and students who come through our doors everyday, and keep us excited about practicing. Growth and change come through learning, and the best way to learn is by teaching. We are dedicated to continue to providing you great service and traditional yoga, to grow and transform ourselves, and to challenge and support you throughout your yoga practice.

Here’s to this incredible journey! 

We look forward to seeing and serving you,

Breanna & Jackie.