Our Summer Class Schedule is here from May Long to Labour Day Long Weekend! Come get your sweat on all summer long! And remember to pre-register for classes online to get extra Perkville Points.


Get the best rate and stay hot all summer long!



Check out this collaboration between Jackie, Josh, and International level yoga competitor, Eddie Solidon and get your bow face on! Standing Bow increases circulation to the heart and lungs, improves the elasticity of the spine and helps lower-back pain. It's also the only posture that moves the blood from the right side of the body to the left side and then back again. Energetically, it helps us work through issues like abandonment and betrayal.


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Double Perkville Points & Prizes March 1-31
In case you've been living under a rock for the past 18 months, BYRD has teamed up with a loyalty rewards program called Perkville that allows you to earn points in a bunch of different ways like giving us social media love, referring friends, and even just by attending class. You can then create vouchers to redeem your points for lots of great swag like coconut waters after class, free classes, discounts on retail, and more! And now Perkville is integrated with the BYRD mobile app which makes it easier than ever to use.
For the entire month of March, all Perkville point values are DOUBLE. And guess what else? Redemption is DOUBLE too!
So you get twice the points for doing the same great stuff you usually do, and you also get twice the rewards: 2 coconut waters instead of 1, 40% off retail instead of 20%...so that's like quadruple. Hmmm... maybe we should have called it Quadruple Perkville month. Now is the time to increase the frequency of your practice and get yourself more integrated into the BYRD culture, and be rewarded for it!
We've recently made some changes to Perkville in what you can get for your points so be sure to check it out. 
If you haven't signed up for Perkville already, check out this blog post or you can do so from the BYRD app or at www.perkville.com. If you have any questions about using Perkville, please ask one of our super friendly staff members!

Bikram Yoga Red Deer is pumped to introduce to you Perkville - our loyalty rewards program!

BYRD Crew members get full FREE access to this program where they can earn points for their participation in the studio, and can later redeem those points for different vouchers for awesome stuff. 

How to:

1. Sign up for Perkville. You will be sent an email from Perkville once you've made points prompting you to claim your points by signing up. If you didn't receive or missed this email you can request another invite here, or simply go to www.Perkville.com and walk through the join yourself from the log in button in the top right corner of the page. 

2. Once signed up you will earn points automatically for taking class (5 points) and pre-registering for class (5 points). 6 am classes earn extra points (10 points). You will also receive points for:

  • Your Birthday (200 points)
  • Facebook posts (10 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Twitter follow (5 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Tweet sent (5 points) - This must be done in Perkville to receive points
  • Referring a Friend (100 points) - Keep in mind that by referring a friend they will also receive special offer discounting the BYRD Newbie Intro pass!

3. To redeem your points you must create a voucher in the Perkville website or through the BYRD Mobile App. Please bring your voucher to the desk in the studio to receive your hard earned swag!

You can create vouchers for:

  • Free Coconut Water (200 points)
  • Free Buddy Pass (200 Points)
  • Free Class (500 Points)
  • 15% Off Retail (750 points) - 1 Total Bill
  • 20% Off Retail (1000 points) - 1 Total Bill
  • Free Yoga Challenge (1500 points) - Does not include Yoga pass
  • Free Private Class (2000 points) - 1 on 1 private, 90 minutes

Special Notes: The easiest way to get points for pre-registration, to refer friends, and to redeem points is via the BYRD Mobile App

Check out these helpful videos and never be scared to ask us for help in studio or give us a shout