We wanted to address one of the biggest annoyances in central Alberta - PARKING. And we made you a short video on how to park at the studio check it out! Josh Asana got all creative 'n' stuff. Please park tightly together, be sure not to block others' in, don't park in a clearly marked no parking area. Keep in mind you may park in front and on the side of the building too. Finally it has come to our attention that some individuals have actually left their vehicles running during a class! This is WAY un-yoga-like so... be smart. Be respectful in everything you do, always act in your own highest image.


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Need more inspiration? Check out this video. 

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It's Sava-Sunday @Bikram January 18th! 

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You might wonder what could possibly be better than doing 30 Bikram Hot Yoga classes in 30 Days? Doing it with a buddy of course! Our next 30 Day Challenge has 2 start dates, Jan 5 or Feb 4, and for the first time ever it's a Buddy Challenge! So sign up with a partner, create a team name, and do the Challenge together! You can split up the Challenge between you or each do the full 30 classes -- it's up to you. And you can even extend it to a 60 Day Challenge if you're up for it. The cost is $40 per team (plus each participant must have an unlimited pass) and each Challenger receives a limited edition BYRD Challenge tank, a 15% off voucher for the BYRD boutique, and access to extra info on hydration, nutrition and yoga philosophy. So sign up now online or at the studio and have fun sweating with your omies this New Year!

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Download the BYRD App or check our online schedule to stay up to date with our Holiday Class Times Dec 22 - Jan 1. Stay HOT this holiday season!

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