Newbie Toon

Tips for First Timers:

  • Arrive 20 minutes before class begins
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to arrive well hydrated
  • Eat something light 2-3 hours prior to class, but please avoid eating a heavy meal
  • Take it easy, stay in the yoga room for the entire class, and do your best – you will finish with an amazing sense of accomplishment!
  • Please read Studio Etiquette

What to Wear?

Clothing to sweat in! Men: shorts that you can stretch in. Women: shorts and a tank top or sport bra. No pants please.


What to Bring?

  • A yoga mat, 2 large towels, and a bottle of water (these items are also available for rent/purchase at the studio). Full change room facilities are provided, including lockers (bring your own lock) and showers.
  • An open mind: While you may not be able to perform all the postures perfectly on your first visit, don’t be discouraged! A successful Bikram Yoga practice requires persistence and determination. Bikram always says that as long as you are trying the right way, you will get 100% benefit. Listen to your instructor, work at a comfortable pace, and just do the best you can.


Take your second class ASAP!

We encourage all new students to come back for their second class the next day, especially if you wake up a little tender. Stiffness and sore muscles are indicators that strengthening and transformation are taking place as a result of your practice. Following up with another class will assist you in conditioning the muscles and advancing the healing process.